About us


At Head Over Hills we believe that improvement of a current situation and state can always be found. We use our unique understanding of physiology and neurodevelopment to bring a fresh lens to situations causing you or your family tension.

We love nothing more than seeing entrenched challenges shift and new ability and ease appear in individuals and within families. None of us are short on effort, at Head Over Hills we help you direct your effort intentionally so you can see and experience the change you need! We always make it our goal to determine the biggest outcomes from the smallest changes to your current life.


Nikki Riemann - Owner & Founder

BTeach(Sec), GDLP, LLB, BHlthSc, ph360 Endorsed Health Coach, Parenting360 Co-developer and Facilitator

As a mum to 3 boys, one with significant disability, Nikki has learned to look beyond the generic and standard protocols when seeking interventions for her family! She always seeks additional knowledge and understanding that can be incorporated with traditional approaches to enhance and personalise therapy and care.  This approach ultimately led Nikki to discover the power of primitive reflex integration and epigenetics.

Nikki has a deep belief that life and circumstances, no matter how entrenched they seem, can always be improved . She has developed a keen interest in supporting people and families to make positive change within their lives and to experience the increased well-being and shift of perceived blocks in their lives due to retained reflexes or sub-optimal health.

She thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to work with families and individuals to realise the individuality of each family member and discover the increased health and happiness that's achievable.

Nikki's journey with Reflex Integration & Rhythmic Movement Training

Nikki began her journey with RMT in Melbourne in 2013 and was astounded with the positive and profound changes such a relatively easy and small intervention could make. Consequently, she trained in RMT with RMT co-founder, Moira Dempsey.

Nikki has since worked with adults and children with and without additional needs, using RMT to integrate retained primitive reflexes and to ease their associated challenges. She particularly enjoys working with children of all ages and delights in seeing them actively participate in the sessions and very quickly own and take control of their sessions. The profound improvements and changes they see and feel in their bodies continues to amaze her.

Nikki's journey with ph360™

After using the ph360™ platform for many years to take advantage of the power of prevention and optimisation for her own health, Nikki enjoyed studying the platform and science behind it more deeply and completed the requirements to become an endorsed coach.

Subsequently, Nikki was invited to be part of a small team who in 2018 took the ph360™ platform and the knowledge of the HealthTypes to develop Parenting360, a parenting program examining a child and other family members through a unique biological lens.

She has been blown away by observing the increased health experienced by people and the increased cohesiveness and joy within families when interventions are personalised to work with a person's own physiology and when families learn to understand and embrace each other's uniqueness through the HealthType™ lens.