Parenting360™ is the revolutionary parenting program from ph360™ that gives parents a deep understanding of their unique child’s physiology.

Co-developed by our founder, Nikki Riemann, it’s a program we know inside out and are passionate about. Parenting360™ is a biology based approach to parenting which looks at the epigenetic factors affecting a child’s development and life.

Genetics and Epigenetics

Genetics are our unchangeable blueprint but epigenetic factors hold the power in being capable of manipulation to our advantage. Understanding what epigenetic factors are the most important for your child AND how to put these in place for your child unlocks a family dynamic of understanding and thriving like never before! When our children are living in epigenetic flow they are less stressed, more resilient while at the same time reducing their chance of later onset of chronic disease and illness.

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Small tweaks

Epigenetic factors aren’t technical factors they’re simply things such as: the timimg of meals, suitable climate, alone time or social time, keeping our body warm, easing into the day or getting up and stuck into the day from the get go.

Family Dynamics

Once you have an understanding of the different HealthTypes co-existing in your family, it very quickly becomes clear why common every day points of tension may exist.

Why mornings can be flustering, why bedtimes may be frustrating, why one child moves slowly and ambly through their day and another doesn’t sit still AT ALL!

If we as a parent are applying our natural rhythms and HealthType™ preferences to a family without regard to what other HealthTypes are in the mix, then it can be a recipe for frustration and pushed buttons. Parenting360™ allows you to know what others in your family need to thrive and what patterns currently playing out in your family are helpful or unhelpful.


And for you as a parent...

From past Parenting360™ participants, the consistent feedback we hear is how empowering it is to have permission to be yourself! For our children and for US!

Walk away from your sessions understanding, at a physiological level, why some parts of parenting wear you down and some feel so easy to pull off!

Know what to prioritise in your own life so you can give to those in your family from a place of abundance rather than exhaustion.

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Change at your pace

At Head Over Hills we don’t believe in life overhauls all at once. We guide you through the Parenting360™ materials and understandings helping you to bite off manageable, realistic undaunting change at a pace that suits you. And as always, working with you to identify the smallest tweak that can be made to bring about the biggest outcomes.

How can I access the Parenting360™ Program?

Parenting360™ is delivered via 1:1 coaching sessions or 7- session Virtual Courses.

Click below to see which option will best suit you to tap into this new understanding for your family.

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Parenting360 Coaching Sessions

Work with us to find out about the most important people in your life from a biological level in individual coaching style sessions.

We discuss and workshop together some of your family’s areas that you’d love to see transformed.

Get to know the dynamics playing out in your unique household through a supportive lens and learn how to celebrate each member’s needs.

Delivered either face to face or online.

Included in the Initial Session:

  • Lifetime access to the self-paced online Parenting360 Course
  • 3 month subscription to ph360™ for one parent
  • HealthType™ assessments for two children in your family (extra HealthType™ assessments available for purchase)
  • Access to the Parenting360 Private Facebook Discussion Group
  • x1 90min Coaching Session
  • Written Summary of Session


Additional stand alone sessions may be booked as needed.

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Parenting360 Virtual Course

Run virtually via Zoom throughout the year as a group course. Join others from around the world in the comfort of your own home and have your parenting partner join for free!


  • 7 fully facilitated x2 hour sessions over 7 weeks.
  • 3 month subscription to ph360™ profile for one parent
  • HealthType™ assessments for all children in your family
  • Access to the Parenting360 Participant Resource Centre
  • Access to the Parenting360 Private Facebook Discussion group

Parenting360 Self-paced Online Course

Get started with the self-paced online Parenting360 Course.

Stand alone coaching sessions may then be purchased separately to guide you in your exploration and application of what you learn.

  • Lifetime access to the self-paced online Parenting360 Course
  • 3 month ph360™ profile for one parent
  • HealthType™ assessments for two children in your family (extra HealthType™ assessements available for purchase)
  • Access to the Parenting360 Private Facebook Group


I don’t want to label or put my child in a box.

Great! Neither do we!

Understanding your child’s HealthType™ doesn’t mean relegating your child to a defined generic box. This is not personality profiling, it’s understanding an individual’s unique physiology in a way that assists you to provide your child with an environment in which they can thrive. An environment most aligned with their natural physiological requirements.

When a child is able to live in a way that fits with their biology, they live with more ease and less stress on their system. Giving your child the gift of being able to operate from this place of strength is when the magic happens and the thriving begins!!

No two children of the same HealthType™ are going to be the same. Understanding a HealthType™ means knowing what supports are going to be most helpful for that child to enable them to be the best version of their unique and amazing self.

We encourage parents to share this information with their children as we have seen the sense of empowerment it gives a child to know their uniqueness and be armed with information so they can make choices to reflect what will be healthiest and most supportive for their own body. If you prefer not to share this information with them then there are still SO many ways as parents, that you can manipulate the environment around your child to put them in their flow.

My child isn’t neurotypical, will knowing my child’s HealthType™ still be helpful?

At Head Over Hills we have personal experience of family life with neurodiversity and disability in the mix. We know the extra challenges such families face. The good news is having a knowledge of HealthTypes helps greatly!

A HealthType™ provides a fundamental baseline layer of understanding about your child’s physiology. All children, regardless of any other diagnoses they may have, have an underlying HealthType™ which, through Parenting360 provides a basic structure around the rhythm and timing of their day, food, insights into their mind and social preferences, natural strengths and learning styles. This base structure provides a helpful lens through which to then evaluate and add other interventions to.

While it never replaces or removes the need for the advice of medical and health professionals, it can inform you with additional factors to consider when deciding:

  • The best time of the day to schedule your child’s therapy
  • What therapists are likely to be a good fit with your child
  • What style of therapy will produce good outcomes
  • Whether intensive or sessional therapy is best
  • The most important parts of your child’s life and development to put your energy into
  • What challenges may reflect their natural state rather than their diagnosis
  • What questions to ask your medical professionals and therapists to ensure your child’s care is personalised and not generic.

Often, aligning life to your child’s rhythm and physiology has no shortage of surprising outcomes ready to be seen. While we can never align all things perfectly, it can help to know what the areas to prioritise are.