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At Head Over Hills we give you a new view of the challenges you and your family are facing right now.

Primitive Reflex Integration

We have an in-depth understanding of the neural and sensory systems of the body through the lens of primitive reflexes. The primitive reflex system provides the very first foundational layer of development in the brain. However, it’s impact on the development or lack of development that eventuates is often ignored, forgotten about or misunderstood.

Being able to work therapeutically with this layer of the brain to ensure all brains have the most secure and solid foundation they can, has a positive impact on all other physical, mental and emotional skills, development and learning that layers on top.

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Parenting360 is the revolutionary parenting program from ph360™ that gives parents a deep understanding of their unique child’s physiology. Co-developed by our founder, Nikki Riemann, it’s a program we know inside out and are passionate about.

Parenting360 is a biology based approach to parenting which looks at the epigenetic factors affecting a child’s development and life.

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Personalised Health

At Head Over Hills our health and wellness coaching is exactly that – personalised.

We don’t roll out generic programs, instead we get to know you and tailor your sessions to strategies that will work for you to help you achieve your goals.

With Head Over Hills you have access to cutting edge genetic technology developed by ph360™.

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"Coaching with Nikki is supportive, liberating and motivating on so many levels that it’s hard to put into words. ph360™’s HealthType™ lens is nothing short of GENIUS and having someone mirror back what’s key for my specific epigenetic makeup and come up with a game plan has proven to be an amazing investment in myself and my family!

I came to do regular coaching sessions with Nikki through the Parenting360 Course. During that time I was constantly overwhelmed - on the edge of meltdown - struggling with basic functioning in our home life.
Starting coaching with Nikki led to huge improvements of our family life right away and continues to set the foundation of longterm wellbeing, far beyond lifestyle advice you can find anywhere else!!!

No matter what I bring to the table and how much I feel I have “failed” since the last session, Nikki has a gift to take off the harsh edges and come up with doable ideas and strategies to turn the issue around. I particularly love that Nikki never judges where I’m at but instead adjusts to and works with “what is today”. She makes working on myself and reaching my goals fun and easy! And not to be underestimated, as a certified ph360™ coach Nikki can see insights to my profile in the backend that aren’t highlighted on my user profile!

Highly recommended!"

Charlotte, Germany
Online ph360™ and Parenting360 Coaching

"As someone who has struggled with education and work due to my learning disabilities, I have found that working with Nikki has given me the opportunity to get out of a negative space, and live life without constant fear or anxiety and be able to work towards my goals to study and not letting my learning difficulties get in the way of the process.

I would recommend Nikki to those who have struggled though life, that have been worn down and feel there is no hope. As such Nikki would clearly be able to see where things need improvement and help you along the way to get over such things.

As someone who has been working with Nikki with RMT as an adult, it definitely impacted my life for the better. I feel as if a big weight has been taken of my shoulders. So, if you feel that your learning disability is holding you back in anyway, then Nikki will guide you though the process of getting over such things and you can look forward to a life of structure, organization and not feeling that you are being held back anymore."

Michael, 25 years old
RMT Client

"From about 11 weeks of age Andrew developed colic and would be sick with every feed and then multiple times during feed times.  This lasted until 16 months of age, but what I hadn’t realised was how much of those essential movements and milestones Andrew had missed out on because we were always too afraid to move him! 

By the time Andrew reached about 3-4 years of age I could not get him to interact with other children in a safe way and he was very rough and violent with everything that he would do. I was at the stage where I was scared to leave him at child care and would be anxious about doing so, even using my non working days to attend childcare with him and be the buffer between him and other children.  He was very destructive and every day life was a challenge for him and us.

Andrew was assessed by occupational therapists in 2016 and they told us he has sensory processing disorder. Not knowing much about this and not seeing any guidance from the NDIS we then proceeded with occupational therapy (many therapists!), hydrotherapy, behavioural classes for him and us as parents and lastly rhythmic movement therapy...thankfully I found Nikki in February of 2019. 

For the whole year we saw Nikki for regular check ups and new movements...2019 was still a hard year with lots of changes to Andrew’s body movement and his mind but we saw improvements and hope and continued to see those improvements throughout 2020.

He was calmer, his reading and numeracy improved immensely and not just his ability but his want to improve and engage in school work was so much better. He had better control of his body, standing, sitting, walking, sleeping and day to day tasks were getting better. Something so simple as throwing a ball - which he previously could not do!

His behaviour in school got better with time between principal office visits getting further and further between. He finally started to establish and keep friendships at school.  Reception to Year 2 was very very difficult for Andrew and our whole family. He didn’t want to go to school and I had so much anxiety at school pick up time because there was always a teacher or student telling me what Andrew had done wrong or who he had hurt. He never wanted to tell us about his day - often not even recalling who he had hurt or what had happened. Or if he did tell us anything it would be a lie.

Now in 2021 he has started the year off brilliantly. He is excited to go to school each day, he is doing extremely well both in the classroom and in yard time when left on his own without much adult supervision.  And we are happy to collect him each day and listen to him tell us about his day.  He is such a different child and I can see how much happier and how proud he is of himself. 

I only wish I had been introduced to Nikki earlier.  I would strongly encourage anyone seeking help for their child to embark on therapy with Nikki, invest the time and you will definitely see results. Seeing the happiness and all that Andrew is accomplishing is worth all the hard work and persistence over the years. 

Nikki has been so calm and gentle with Andrew and he always feels comfortable with her.  She is very professional in her manner but you can see she genuinely cares for Andrew and has built a wonderful connection with him. I am very glad I’ve had the opportunity to sit back and reflect on our time with Nikki because I am so grateful for everything she has done for Andrew. I look forward to continuing to work with Nikki and seeing the happiness and opportunities continue to grow for Andrew!"

Jo, mum of Andrew, 8 years old
RMT Client

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