Personalised Health

At Head Over Hills our health and wellness coaching is exactly that – personalised. We don’t roll out generic programs, instead we get to know you and use the ph360™ platform to tailor your sessions with strategies that will work for you to help you achieve your goals.

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Cutting edge technology

At Head Over Hills we have access to cutting edge genetic technology developed by ph360™ to know exactly which factors of your lifestyle influence your overall health and wellness the most.

Your coaching sessions will include access to the Shae™ app.

Focussed Change

Finding your 'healthy' may be as simple as eating breakfast an hour later, shifting exercise to the afternoons or evenings instead of mornings, adding snacks into your day instead of trying to stick to three meals a day, or working outside in nature!

We can give you precise detail on what is going to support you to find your optimal health.

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A personal and supported plan

We find out about your current lifestyle, habits and patterns, discover your epigenetic profile and then identify where the mismatches are that are contributing to ill health, low motivation, lack of energy, tiredness or just a general feeling of operating not as well as you’d like to be!

With the mismatches identified we help you develop a plan for addressing these things and support you to implement it.

Ready to find your Healthy?